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Coalition Partner email on House passage

Update: House passes our mobile home parks clean water bill!

Congratulations! The Clean Water For All Colorado coalition is excited to announce that HB23-1257 Mobile Home Park Water Quality has passed in the state House of Representatives and now crosses over for consideration by the state Senate.

The legislation, co-sponsored by Reps. Elizabeth Velasco (D-Garfield County) and Andrew Boesenecker (D-Larimer County) and Sen. Lisa Cutter (D-Jefferson County), is designed to improve and protect water quality in mobile home parks statewide, addressing a pressing need for some of Colorado’s most diverse and under-resourced communities.

Coalition members are encouraged to continue making use of the bilingual social media toolkit we have prepared to further amplify the need to pass HB23-1257 and opportunities to take action as the bill moves forward in the legislative process.

Additional assets for use by coalition partners, including bilingual fact sheets, a bill summary and FAQ synopsis, are available here:

Sharing these resources and encouraging Senators to pass the bill will be critical to its passage.

We want to thank each of you for the support and effort you’ve provided to get to this point. We’re halfway there! Please join us in our continued efforts to push this priority bill across the finish line and ensure that Clean Water For All Colorado residents soon becomes a reality.


Alex Sánchez, CEO

Voces Unidas Action Fund

Beatriz Soto, Director


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